Monday, March 24, 2008

Selbu Mittens

Selbu Mittens
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Pattern: Selbu Mittens from Folk Mittens
Yarn: Bendigo Woollen Mills/Heirloom 5ply Easycare in Brown and Mushroom (1 50g ball of each).
Needles: Set of five 3.00mm bamboo DPN.
On Ravelry here.
The following disasters (of varying disastrousness) befell this knitting project since I started it in 2006(!):
1. After leaving the first mitten semi-complete for approximately 2 years, due to change in gauge/tension one of the mittens is slightly larger than the other. It's not really noticeable or aesthetically dodgy, just that one mitten fits my hand PERFECTLY and the other is a little baggy around the wrist.
2. All the stitches fell off the needles at least three times while languishing in the knitting basket for said period of 2 years
3. On the second mitten I forgot to put the waste yarn in for the peasant thumb. I realised this when I was almost up to the top of the mitten. This mistake may or may not have had anything to do with concentration issues due to extended viewing of Mighty Boosh episodes. I frogged back and valiantly re-knit pretty much the entire second mitten.

Melodrama aside, I'm actually really glad i finally finished these. For once it appears I chose the right colour scheme, and they're really warm. I left out the bit where you put codfish gall bladders inside the mittens (to cleanse and strengthen the wool) because I'm not a mad 19th century seafarer (more's the pity).


Emily said...

V nice, Reecie. Bring them for show and tell on Saturday?

Charisse said...

Thanks Emily! I'm off to V Festival this Saturday, but will be at Courthouse SNB on Sunday with mittens in tow!