Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I've become quite enamoured of the program Who Do You Think You Are, where British TV personalities trace their family history. It makes me want to embark on a mission to trace my lineage and discover I'm descended from the French aristocracy.

Friday, December 07, 2007

grand prix

I'm planning my entry/ies for the Sydney Royal Easter Show which is coming up in March/April of next year. I've liked the Anne of Cleves design from Tudor Roses for a while now but have always been afraid to knit it because it's HUGE. But my devious plan involves some minor calculations to knit it with a fingering weight yarn and 3.25mm needles, thereby reducing the size considerably. I'm thinking of keeping the length though and wearing it as a sweater dress. I don't particularly care if i get a ribbon or not, it's just fun wandering around the exhibits and pointing out to random strangers things you've made. haha. Last time i had an embroidery piece on display and I literally loitered in the area (minus a raincoat) for about 3 hours waiting to hear if anyone was going to say anything negative about it, at which point i planned to spring out from the shadows and abuse them.

anyway i have yarn already, so will start plotting as soon as i've finished my tea cozy swap items and seamed together my minimalist cardigan.

Recipe for Disaster or Recipe for Success??


28 episodes of Twin Peaks
Hedera sock pattern
1 hank of Socks that Rock Raven yarn
Imported British chocolates

Only time will tell if this will result in a completed pair of socks for Southern Summer of Socks, or whether it will result in me roaming the streets talking backwards and carrying a log.

Playing Catch Up

Secret Pal Booty!
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so some internet-related difficulties have prevented blog activity recently. but now i'm back online! First up, here is my final package from my lovely secret pal, who has now revealed herself to be Channon!
look at all the cool stuff i got: Vesper sock yarn (woo!), two skeins of beautiful Claudia's handpaints sportweight,, an awesome cake tape measure, halloween stitch markers, row counter, and a lighthouse!!!!
Thank you Channon for your beautiful gifts!