Friday, December 07, 2007

grand prix

I'm planning my entry/ies for the Sydney Royal Easter Show which is coming up in March/April of next year. I've liked the Anne of Cleves design from Tudor Roses for a while now but have always been afraid to knit it because it's HUGE. But my devious plan involves some minor calculations to knit it with a fingering weight yarn and 3.25mm needles, thereby reducing the size considerably. I'm thinking of keeping the length though and wearing it as a sweater dress. I don't particularly care if i get a ribbon or not, it's just fun wandering around the exhibits and pointing out to random strangers things you've made. haha. Last time i had an embroidery piece on display and I literally loitered in the area (minus a raincoat) for about 3 hours waiting to hear if anyone was going to say anything negative about it, at which point i planned to spring out from the shadows and abuse them.

anyway i have yarn already, so will start plotting as soon as i've finished my tea cozy swap items and seamed together my minimalist cardigan.

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