Monday, January 05, 2009


So will 2009 be the year I actually get my act together and take the blog a little bit more seriously? By which I mean continue to post facetious and outlandish material, but on a more regular basis? We shall see. I'm certainly going to try.

Anyway, here is my last Finished Object of 2008. Considering I'm apparently getting more and more neurotic as I reach the age of 30, it's quite fitting that lace knitting completely absorbs and obsesses me almost to the brink of madness. Even at 3am after a bottle of wine, I am telling myself not to stop until I have 328 stitches on my awesome Addi Lace needles. Some might say I need to get out more, but I go out all the time!

I finally made a Swallowtail Shawl (ravelry link). I used Handmaiden Yarns Mini Maiden, which is a glorious wool/silk fingering weight blend in Indian Summer colourway with 3.5mm Addi Lace needles.



LynS said...

How I envy you being able to go out AND make such an exquisite Swallowtail shawl. What a wonderful balance of pleasures!

Emily said...

And the Swallowtail is gorgeous in the flesh.

I am almost embarrassed to post on my blog now, it's been so long...

Mae said...

What an absolutely gorgeous shawl.
I envy your ability to knit after a bottle of wine, whenever I get home after a good night out I end up in bed!

Cecilia said...

The shawl is beautiful!