Saturday, August 01, 2009

I'M STILL ALIVE (but I have The Clap)

So it's blindingly obvious I am a terrible blogger. Perhaps now I am 99% confident that no-one bothers to check this site anymore, I feel I am able to condense 6 months worth of knitting news into one post and then start afresh.

Too often in the past I'd knit something really nice in a colour I'd NEVER buy as a completed garment. I feel I'm finally getting better at choosing the right tones to suit my personal style.

Exhibit A: The Clap

Clapotis using Sundara Aran Silky Merino in Black Cherry (ravelry link)

Exhibit B: The Emo Ishbel

Ishbel using Sundara Sock Yarn in Night Blossom (ravelry link)

Sundara Yarn certainly seemed to be the flavour of the past 6 months for me. For the upcoming spring/summer 2010 season I have two knits planned using the beautiful Habu Textiles range:

- With the New Cowl Neckline using Kuzaki Zome silk in a champagne colour
- Whisper Cardigan using black Tsumugi silk


LynS said...

Welcome back, Reecie. I really look forward to seeing the 'With the New Cowl Neckline' knitted up - it will be a perfect pattern for you.

Kris said...

I'm still here, Reecie! I have you in my RSS reader, so I never miss a post. :)

(Love the emo pose.)

missfee said...

i am still here too - love the clap and especially the ishbel

Andrea Roceal said...

No, I think I'm worse-- I'm way to lazy to catch any of my blogs up (I have like 5!), but I still read plenty!