Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Yes I disappeared again, and have returned again. I'm going to stop the constant apologies for almost abandoning the blog. But I will say that due to the re-capture of some much needed free time (due to the COMPLETION OF MY LAW DEGREE), as well as the acquisition of exciting new computer technology (MacBook Pro!) I am planning to post more frequently than I have been lately.
I finished this a little while ago:

As referred to in my previous post, it's Damson by Ysolda. Ravelry details here. Sadly I did not manage to obtain the Posh Yarn, but instead used up some lovely Knittery 3ply merino from the stash, in colourway Bloody Mary.
I've also got an Aestlight finished awaiting blocking, and am midway through the Audrey in Unst Cardigan. The knitting mojo is certainly on the rise.


LynS said...

Love the Damson. Love the return of the knitting mojo. Love the blogging return. But most of all, huge congratulations on finishing the Law course.

Emily said...

Hurray for the study finished!

and I love the damson, very you colourway.

Julie said...

Gorgeous!! Your Damson turned out so lovely.

Cecilia said...

Congratulations on finishing the law degree!!

Love the Damson.