Thursday, January 06, 2011

2010: The Retrospective: Knitting

In 2010 I knit 10 items! Which is a pretty paltry effort. However of those 10 items I will probably wear/use all of them, as opposed to some years where I knitted 20 items, half of which were ludicrous and unwearable. Actually there are two extra items which weren't photographed: I knit a plain red scarf for a friend and a second Aestlight Shawl for a work colleague's mum.

Knitting 2010

I also went to Knit Camp in Scotland which was awesome!

My knitting goals for 2011:
  • knit more than 10 items
  • use up lots of stash yarn
  • more fair isle and colourwork
  • more insanely overambitious Easter Show entries
  • Knitters Guild achievement certificate Level 1 completion


LynS said...

Ten great knitting outcomes. The Raven Shawl is even more beautiful than I'd remembered, and I love the 80's Madness summer tee. I hadn't noticed it before, but it's great. I'd be so very happy if I had such knitting achievements in a year.

Julie said...

oh, you had so many gorgeous projects in 2010!! I always tell myself that I'll use up more of my stash, yet I never quite seem to make a dent in it...

Emily said...

And a podcast????????

knitabulous said...

As far as knitting outcomes go, that is one very sophisticated collage.

LOVE the raven shawl, it looks so ethereal.

I look forward to seeing your 2011 projects too - I'm sure your 'overambitious' goals will be achieved - you're an 'overacheiver'!

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