Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Road to Homebush...

is littered with cable stitches......
This is the beginning of Kilronan (on Ravelry here), which is my entry in the Royal Easter Show Arts competition this year.
I was debating whether or not to knit this jumper for a while, considering
(a) I don't live in the wild heaths of the Aran Isles (yet...)
(b) I don't own a horse and fetching riding boots
But on the other hand, I think it will look nice in winter paired with some leggings and hot boots.
So in order to have this finished by the time it needs to be delivered to the Show people, which is around early March I think, I'll need to knit my little heart out. Can i do it??? Not to mention I have some top-secret gifts to knit for next month as well. Also not to mention my seemingly incurable obsession with starting new projects, particularly hot berets at the moment.
At least I haven't bought any yarn so far this year. Money in the bank kids!!!! (Well except for the $7 I spent at JB Hifi the other day buying a copy of Serial Mom, but i figure that's the best $7 I'll spend all year. That movie is HILARIOUS!)


Melinda said...

It looks great so far! :)

Nellie said...

It looks fantastic Reecie! Is that a swatch or part of the actual piece?