Friday, February 22, 2008

Winona forever?

So according to my co-workers I'm the "Office Winona". At first i thought they were trying to accuse me of being a drug-taking shoplifter, but apparently it's because I'm small, wear a lot of black and am a bit loopy.
Overall, i guess it's okay being compared to Winona, particularly Winona in her glory days a la Heathers and Beetlejuice.


Nellie said...

Good to have that nick name clarified. Where has Winona been hiding these days? In her salad days she was a real babe! I'd be a bit concerned about the truthfulness of your co-workers should they start weaing 'Let Winona Shop' t-shirts to work!

Charisse said...

Well according to Google, she's dating some rock star and attending Paris Fashion Week and has a new movie coming out soon. this whole comparison thing suddenly doesn't seem so bad!!

Anonymous said...

LOVE your tattoo charisse!
glad i found your blog. ;)
check out mine.

Emily said...

Ah, yes, the Winona of Beetlejuice and Heathers, the salad days that were.

Wonder what the new movie is like?

Glad you liked my sock...