Sunday, February 10, 2008


Haruha Scarf in progress
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I've been thinking a lot lately about autumn/winter knits. Summer is pretty much over already, and the majority of this summer has been crazy rain and weird weather anyway. I actually much prefer winter anyway. Winter means soups and stews. Winter means hot chocolate. Winter means reading big Russian novels. Winter means boys in beanies and girls in stockings.
So I've been ogling various berets, scarves and mittens over on Ravelry and have cast on the Haruha scarf as my first official autumn/winter accessory. I have a gorgeous black Stella McCartney coat to keep me warm, so some hot knitted accessories will really jazz it up.

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Becky-Dee said...

It seems as though summer has come and gone already! Well not quite, there is a heat wave atm in south australia but it doesn't feel like summer cos it's overcast. nice scarf :) lucky you, I wish i had a stella coat!