Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Pass the Laudanum

In my ongoing quest to become a Victorian urchin, for my next knit I'm going to whip up some of these Garter Stitch Mitts which will no doubt be useful to wear while begging for pie at people's windows on my way to the workhouse.

Also I'm making a mad dash to Kinokuniya in my lunch break tomorrow to pick up some recommended steampunk fiction. It's in the young adult section, but lately I've been enjoying young adult stuff a lot, perhaps because my poor little brain can't really take in much else after days reading High Court cases. Anyway, the books I'll be purchasing are: -
Any steampunk aficionados out there? Has anyone read these, or have any other steampunk recommendations? It has rapidly become my new favourite subgenre.


Bex said...

A great graphic novel is The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen - I swoon for the gothy industrial victorian settings!

Emily said...

Oh, yeah! Clare and I have read all four books in Philip Reeve's series - a great idea, and some wonderful characters. (Not necessarily the top of the trees of the written word, but pretty good).

I'm loving the young adult stuff, too. Very restful in terms of challenge!

Briley said...

Okay, I usually read in silence, but your post title just made me laugh out loud (and I could use a dose of it today myself!). I haven't read either of the books on your current list, but I have recently picked up the book you sent me and read a few more of the stories. The book truly is a wonderful little time capsule (well in my case time-space capsule) I enjoy it thoroughly!

Kris said...

Seconding Bex on the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. (Don't be put off by the extremely naff movie.) There are a couple volumes of it, and Kinokuniya's probably got it in the trade paperbacks comics section. (The author is Alan Moore.)

I've also read "The Difference Engine" by William Gibson. VERY steampunk. I really liked those aspects, but man, I *hate* William Gibson. So that put me off. Your mileage may vary.

I did enjoy Perdido Street Station by China Mieville, which is sorta steampunk (but set in a fantasy universe).

Charisse said...

cool, thanks for the recs guys. I ended up buying the two i mentioned, plus a China Mieville young adult one called Un Lun Dun. will report back!

Alan Moore is definitely next on the list (did he do From Hell - that was awesome).