Sunday, June 17, 2007


I have finished the crochet blanket! just in time too, for the weather has taken a turn for the rather cold over the past couple of weeks. photos to follow shortly. i wanted to take it down to Sydney University and drape it dramatically over a gargoyle or some books in the library, but the grim weather has temporarily halted my photographic plans.

also another stunning achievement: one monkey sock down, one to go (well, for the first pair at least)! I am currently supposed to be putting finishing touches on a casenote for a law journal - deadline tomorrow morning. must resist temptation to start second monkey sock instead....

i wish i was going to the Alice Springs Beanie Festival again this year. last year was so much fun! but this semester break i'm going up to byron bay instead to swan around the lighthouse and eat In the Pink icecream...good times.

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Michelle said...

Congrats on the blanket! You timed its completion well.

Have fun in Byron Bay! I adore it there. I really must get back there sometime soon.