Sunday, June 10, 2007

Worldwide Knitting in Public Day

So yesterday myself and Erin braved the insane weather to go to knitting in public day down at the Sidewalk Cafe near the Opera House. It was good to meet other knitters and see lots of exciting projects on the needles. tragedy struck, however, when two of my lantern moon ebony sock needles snapped in half during transit from Petersham to Circular Quay. luckily i had a spare set of knit picks with me, which i have now decided i like better anyway. we probably would have stayed longer if the weather wasn't so awful, but we bailed and went and ate some sushi.
then i had a quick trip to kinokuniya, and snapped up a copy of Knitting Lingerie Style. it's a gorgeous book. i think i'll make the trumpet flared skirt first. i've always wanted to knit a skirt.


missfee said...

yay welcome to blog land - so happy you are here too

Michelle said...

It was great to meet you on the weekend! Keep me posted on how the socks go.