Sunday, August 05, 2007


Oh, hey, remember that time I binge drank from a tube until I was sick, and that time we paraded around dressed like the ku klux klan (on more than one occasion, including while standing behind Indigenous soldiers), and that time we set the kittens on fire?
Well, no dramas, because we're just being irreverent larrikins. just letting off a bit of steam.
john howard says "let's not overreact" to the fact that certain sectors of an army which is currently illegally occupying at least two countries are engaging in behaviour which is immature, irresponsible, racist, inhumane and unlawful.
For the Australian government to fall back on the ANZAC/Gallipoli tradition as some sort of justification for behaviour of this sort is extremely ill-conceived and insulting.
wow, the blog's gone political!!!!!


Meg said...

Let's hope none of these behaviours join two-up on april 26th!

Meg said...

umm, sorry I meant the 25th!