Saturday, August 18, 2007

yellow fever

I've been poring through all the things i've knit over the past few years (the original intent being to photograph them for my ravelry page), and i have realised how few of them are actually wearable. Not because they’re badly made, not because they’re unstylish, but because I must have been on some serious drugs when I chose the colour. Over 50% of the garments are yellow. Why??? I rarely, if ever, wear yellow. In fact, I rarely if ever wear many colours other than black, red, pink, and brown. So why the fuck did I keep buying yellow yarn and making nice garments with it that were completely unsuited to my complexion and taste????? Why did i knit a purple jumper???
Luckily, a cursory glance at my more recent/and or upcoming knits reveals i might have come to my senses. My Central Park Hoodie is black, and suprise, surprise, i wore it a lot this winter. My upcoming lace bolero thing is black. My planned Twinkle cardigan is brown. Now all i need to do is offload some Rowan Calmer which for some reason i bought in a peach colour. Peach??? Yikes.

Also, hot opera news. The 2008 Opera Australia subscription brochure came in today's Herald, and i've been riffling through it all afternoon. There’s some pretty good operas coming up next season, including possibly my favourite of all time, Verdi’s Otello. There are also new productions of Carmen and Don Giovanni. I'm thinking of booking myself up a Youth Subscription (under 30) to save costs. Only problem is that the only people i know who would be interested in going to opera are over 30, which would result in weird seating arrangements and administrative hassles. So I need to shanghai some hot under 30s to experience the magic of opera!!! Come on, where are you under-30 opera buffs???

Also, crack open the vodka, the Russian Film Festival is coming to town. Featuring such awesome items as an 8 hour screening of War and Peace, the film version of Hamlet with Shostakovich's fantastic score, and Day Watch (sequel to Night Watch).

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Mae said...

I will take your Peach Calmer! haha.