Saturday, August 25, 2007


Retro Rib detail
Originally uploaded by miss_reecie
here is my first completed Retro Rib sock. The second sock is underway, but has been temporarily put on hold while i finish the jumper for the little Mongolian kids.
not much other knitting going on lately, which i blame entirely on the facebook scrabble phenomenon, studying for my corporations law test, and trying to curate an art exhibition. However, my Ravelry queue has reached critical mass. At last count i had 79 projects!!!!
saw Black Sheep last night and loved it! so good to see a funny, old-school horror flick with no stupid CGI effects. although i was very disappointed that there was not one knitting reference throughout the whole film.


Polly said...

Sock looks great.


7-9? Like 1 less than 80? 78 more than 1? Like 21 more and you will be in triple digits??

Daniel said...

I was totally there when you were making this. I feel almost famous by association.

Anonymous said...

What a great sock! Thanks too for changing your settings so I can comment!

Your SP11 Pal