Sunday, October 03, 2010

dainty undies

While spring (debatable considering current weather) cleaning today I found this:

which contains patterns such as this:

Then I thought what if I knit this as my Easter Show entry for 2011? I wonder how the RAS judges would feel about dainty undies. Well, I think it's time to find out. That is if I can find some sort of 3ply gorgeous wool/silk blend to knit it with. And if I can battle my way through the *shock horror* uncharted lace pattern!

And what category do I put it in? I can imagine the RAS panel acting much like the Office of Film and Literature Classification, and smacking a "Refused Classification" on it! I'll be the Larry Clark of the knitting world!!!


MildlyCrafty said...

I'd love to see you make that!

Emily said...

Do it!

Larry 'dickensian urchin' Clark - I love it!