Wednesday, October 06, 2010

more victorian mayhem

So as part of my rather sudden obsession with comics/graphic novels (I blame reading Watchmen on a recent 10 hour train journey and just being OMG NEED MORE at the end of it), I am currently reading this:

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
WHY have I not read this before? It's almost as if while I was asleep Alan Moore crept into my brain, extracted everything I love, and then wrote a comic about it. It's got the lot: laudanum! Urchins! Shady dealings in Victorian London! Mina Murray and her red scarf! Mechanical squid ship! Home for Wayward Girls! The Rue Morgue!
And I'm not even halfway through volume 1 yet! Better get the smelling salts.....

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Kris said...

I've got the second volume as well if you need to borrow it! (I tried to read The Black Dossier - the third one - but it kinda sucks.)