Tuesday, October 05, 2010

audrey in unst

So I finally knitted a complete garment that (a) fits perfectly and (b) I will actually wear (in fact I've worn it to work twice already)!!
I got kind of disillusioned with garment knitting about a year ago and stuck to shawls, socks, and other general accessories. Admittedly it was mostly my fault, for either choosing the wrong colour, wrong pattern or failing to do a gauge swatch and assuming that size small would just automatically fit.

Then I made Audrey in Unst!!

And it turned out PERFECT!! I'd say this was due to a number of factors all coming together like some sort of divine knitting planetary alignment:

(1) I actually did a gauge swatch and took my measurements and worked out which size to knit
(2) The pattern is EXCELLENT. Gudrun Johnston is a brilliant designer. Small touches, such as the I-cord neckline and the short-row shaped set-in sleeves really make this garment look amazing
(3) The yarn is beautiful - Blue Sky Alpaca & Silk blend. yummmmm.
(4) The buttons cost me $1 from St Vinnies!
(5) Zero seaming meant that it didn't languish in my "finished but needs seams" pile which contains items stretching back approximately 5 years

My only regret is that I didn't actually finish it in time to wear it that much, as it is now spring in Sydney, I will be spending the summer living in the Blue Mountains, and then I may be moving to Darwin for 4 months. But I will definitely be wearing this at any available chilly opportunity!!

ALSO NOTE: IT'S NOT BLACK!! Yet I still love it!! Don't worry, normal black knitting will resume shortly.


Julie said...

It's gorgeous!! And it looks great with that outfit. Awesome job on the sweater!

daniela said...

Wow! It looks great!

Emily said...

It's lovely - how come all the moves, Reecie (or is that in an email I haven't got to!?!)

Ta-ti said...

That really looks great and so do you! It was nice meeting you in Scotland.