Sunday, July 08, 2007

vive kent!

busy weekend

saw patrick wolf friday night at the basement. he had glitter in his hair! you gotta love that.

saturday went along to newtown to maplebrown winter sale (by invitation only, yes i am a fashion tragic) and purchased warm and comfy winter clothes. also had a visit from the lovely erin in the evening, during which time cucumber sandwiches were consumed and plans were hatched to sell our wares at rozelle markets next weekend.

sunday went to arts of islam exhibition at the art gallery nsw. so many beautiful pieces, illuminated Qu'rans (a lovely lady even translated some for me), woven carpets, ruby and emerald encrusted daggers, intricately carved cenotaphs. loved it. i came away inspired to learn arabic and weaving.

amongst all this, i managed to start my tour de france knitalong project, the sea silk scarf. i managed one 16-row lace repeat with only one mistake (which i spotted quickly and fixed before i had to say ah non, je dois dechirer too many times). haven't taken a photo yet, will wait until i've done about 3 repeats of the first border pattern.

tonight i am settling in with my knitting, eating mulligatawny soup, watching the french thriller lemming on world movies, then tuning in to see the crazy bicycles cycling through various towns in kent, including the one where I was born (Gravesend). hurrah!

then i shall get around to doing all the serious things i have to do this week, such as composing my public service job application, buying a suitcase and putting things in it for trip to byron bay, and filling out my tax return.


Chelsea said...

Go maillot a pois rouges! I'm excited that you're doing the sea silk scarf (the one in Interweave Knits, right?). I'd love to see some pics if you are up for posting some. It'd be fun to see your progress along the Tour. Have fun with the pattern and let us all know what you think of it.

Christina said...

go polka dots!! The sea silk scarf sounds great, I'd love to see it too.

natalie said...

Hi there from another dot!
Have you seen Massoudy's calligraphy?
Amazing stuff.

Not sure if bloggers comments are wide enough to get it all in, but just search for Massoudy on google and you'll find him.

Cecile said...

Hi Charrisse! from another polk-dot rider. Thanks for posting on my blog. I can't wait to see pictures of your scarf.