Friday, July 27, 2007

revenge of the socks!

i'm back! straight back into reality as i went back to uni today. am already feeling swamped with copious amounts of readings to plow through for tuesday's classes.
anyway, have put some photos up on flickr, mostly consisting of the Cape Byron lighthouse and more socks i have been making, such as these:

yes, another successful pair of monkeys. man, that pattern is addictive. have almost finished a pair of jaywalkers also. and i've only been back for five minutes and have already ordered more sock yarn, including a skein of the new fleece artist somoko yarn, which is a luscious sounding blend of wool, kid mohair, silk and nylon. yum!

being the worst morning person ever, i didn't quite make it to the knit in this morning down at the ABC studios. but there is some other stuff happening on the charity knitting front:

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