Saturday, July 14, 2007

Stage 5: Panic Sets In

tour de france knitting update:

only two more repeats to go and the first border will be done. however, am slightly worried for the following reasons:
1. it's looking like the width of my scarf will end up around 14 inches instead of the required 12. This is despite the fact i'm using needles which are smaller than those required by the pattern.
Help me, lace experts! Will it become narrower once i knit up the stitches for the main part going vertically, and once it is blocked on completion? I don't actually mind having a wider scarf, but this leads me to the next problem.
2. paranoia has set in and I have convinced myself that I will most definitely run out of yarn, despite having the amount required by the pattern. But one 400m skein of sea silk goes a long way, doesn't it? Surely my fears are completely irrational???!!!

le sigh.

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