Saturday, July 21, 2007

holiday update

quick update from byron bay - it just started to rain so i ducked into this internet cafe for a quick email check and web surf. this is the first time that it's rained since i've been here, so can't complain too much, really.
much swanning around has been done so far on this holiday, and much eating of delicious foodstuffs and buying of lovely garments. went for a 5km walk the other day around the lighthouse down to Wategos Beach. Spotted some humpback whales in the ocean which are currently migrating from Antarctica. They were a bit too far away, however, for photographic opportunities.
i've been knitting in spare moments too. the tour de france lace scarf is coming along well, i'm now about three repeats into the central bramble leaf pattern, which thankfully doesn't seem to be using nearly as much yarn as the heavily patterned first border did. so with a little bit of felix felicis i might just have enough yarn! photos will have to wait, however, until i get back, as i am nowhere near technologically savvy enough to work out how to successfully upload photos in an internet cafe.
have also finished a second pair of monkey socks, and started on some jaywalkers using yarn pirate culture club. looks good so far. again, photos upon return.
i went and saw harry potter and the order of the phoenix the other day. it was enjoyable, particularly for the abundance of knitted and crocheted items, particularly those modelled by Luna Lovegood (who is by far my favourite character) and Helena Bonham Carter HOTTING IT UP crazed goth style as Bellatrix Lestrange.
i read brideshead revisited on the train on the way up here and have decided to declare it the greatest book ever.
anyway, am off to the beach now! the rain has stopped!
have to get a start on uni readings too, as i have to go to class straight away on the day i get back. yikes! then the following monday i have to go do tests for a job i'm hoping to get. arg! stupid reality!


fee said...

i'm up in byron too

Riggwelter said...

Good to hear you are having a great time, looking forward to seeing pics of your scarf, it looks amazing.

I'm currently looking for another book to read, might give Brideshead Revisited a go.