Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Stage Deux Update

okay, this is the scarf after three pattern repeats for the first border. i have to do five more repeats, then cast off, then turn the whole thing around and pick up for the next bit. this prospect is quite terrifying to me.
anyway, the pattern is from Victorian Lace Today, page 98, using Handmaiden Sea Silk in Midnight. I went with a 4mm (US6) needle, mainly because i'd just bought one of the Addi lace needles and wanted to try it out. the tips smell kinda funny, like when you've been holding coins in your hand for too long, but apart from that they're going well.
if i continue at this pace (that's a big if, as i'm going on holiday next monday), i may well just conquer that big polka dot mountain.

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knittingajour said...

That scarf will be stunning! I really like the pattern.
Have a good holiday!

Another Tour-KAL-Girl