Sunday, July 29, 2007

demon barber

the tim burton version of sweeney todd is slated for release in Australia in January 2008. i can't wait!!! tim burton, johnny depp and helena bonham carter are quite possibly my own private holy trinity of modern filmmaking. the poster has just been released, and it looks spectacular.

Friday, July 27, 2007

revenge of the socks!

i'm back! straight back into reality as i went back to uni today. am already feeling swamped with copious amounts of readings to plow through for tuesday's classes.
anyway, have put some photos up on flickr, mostly consisting of the Cape Byron lighthouse and more socks i have been making, such as these:

yes, another successful pair of monkeys. man, that pattern is addictive. have almost finished a pair of jaywalkers also. and i've only been back for five minutes and have already ordered more sock yarn, including a skein of the new fleece artist somoko yarn, which is a luscious sounding blend of wool, kid mohair, silk and nylon. yum!

being the worst morning person ever, i didn't quite make it to the knit in this morning down at the ABC studios. but there is some other stuff happening on the charity knitting front:

Saturday, July 21, 2007

holiday update

quick update from byron bay - it just started to rain so i ducked into this internet cafe for a quick email check and web surf. this is the first time that it's rained since i've been here, so can't complain too much, really.
much swanning around has been done so far on this holiday, and much eating of delicious foodstuffs and buying of lovely garments. went for a 5km walk the other day around the lighthouse down to Wategos Beach. Spotted some humpback whales in the ocean which are currently migrating from Antarctica. They were a bit too far away, however, for photographic opportunities.
i've been knitting in spare moments too. the tour de france lace scarf is coming along well, i'm now about three repeats into the central bramble leaf pattern, which thankfully doesn't seem to be using nearly as much yarn as the heavily patterned first border did. so with a little bit of felix felicis i might just have enough yarn! photos will have to wait, however, until i get back, as i am nowhere near technologically savvy enough to work out how to successfully upload photos in an internet cafe.
have also finished a second pair of monkey socks, and started on some jaywalkers using yarn pirate culture club. looks good so far. again, photos upon return.
i went and saw harry potter and the order of the phoenix the other day. it was enjoyable, particularly for the abundance of knitted and crocheted items, particularly those modelled by Luna Lovegood (who is by far my favourite character) and Helena Bonham Carter HOTTING IT UP crazed goth style as Bellatrix Lestrange.
i read brideshead revisited on the train on the way up here and have decided to declare it the greatest book ever.
anyway, am off to the beach now! the rain has stopped!
have to get a start on uni readings too, as i have to go to class straight away on the day i get back. yikes! then the following monday i have to go do tests for a job i'm hoping to get. arg! stupid reality!

Sunday, July 15, 2007


ok, the panic of yesterday's posts has subsided. First border done, scarf turned and stitches picked up ready to knit centre panel. the width of the scarf is now just over 12 inches, which is fine. the bottom bit seems to flare out a lot more, and that was giving me a false representation of the width.
anyway, am off to pack my things for 10 days in byron bay as of tomorrow. i'm taking this with me, so be prepared for action shots of the scarf dangling precariously over the cliffs up at cape byron lighthouse.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

"death to the aristos"!!

happy bastille day!!
re previous post - crisis temporarily averted. polka dots back in fashion!!!!
managed to finish first border and realised that the bottom part tends to sweep out in some sort of bell shaped finish, thereby giving inaccurate measurement to the width of the actual scarf bit. it's all back on track. still worried about having enough yarn, but probably more due to extreme paranoia than actual threat.
photos to follow.

Stage 5: Panic Sets In

tour de france knitting update:

only two more repeats to go and the first border will be done. however, am slightly worried for the following reasons:
1. it's looking like the width of my scarf will end up around 14 inches instead of the required 12. This is despite the fact i'm using needles which are smaller than those required by the pattern.
Help me, lace experts! Will it become narrower once i knit up the stitches for the main part going vertically, and once it is blocked on completion? I don't actually mind having a wider scarf, but this leads me to the next problem.
2. paranoia has set in and I have convinced myself that I will most definitely run out of yarn, despite having the amount required by the pattern. But one 400m skein of sea silk goes a long way, doesn't it? Surely my fears are completely irrational???!!!

le sigh.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

French Trellis Close Up

French Trellis Close Up
Originally uploaded by miss_reecie
oh, and just for fun, here's a crazy up close shot. excuse my rushed and dodgy interim blocking.

Stage Deux Update

okay, this is the scarf after three pattern repeats for the first border. i have to do five more repeats, then cast off, then turn the whole thing around and pick up for the next bit. this prospect is quite terrifying to me.
anyway, the pattern is from Victorian Lace Today, page 98, using Handmaiden Sea Silk in Midnight. I went with a 4mm (US6) needle, mainly because i'd just bought one of the Addi lace needles and wanted to try it out. the tips smell kinda funny, like when you've been holding coins in your hand for too long, but apart from that they're going well.
if i continue at this pace (that's a big if, as i'm going on holiday next monday), i may well just conquer that big polka dot mountain.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

vive kent!

busy weekend

saw patrick wolf friday night at the basement. he had glitter in his hair! you gotta love that.

saturday went along to newtown to maplebrown winter sale (by invitation only, yes i am a fashion tragic) and purchased warm and comfy winter clothes. also had a visit from the lovely erin in the evening, during which time cucumber sandwiches were consumed and plans were hatched to sell our wares at rozelle markets next weekend.

sunday went to arts of islam exhibition at the art gallery nsw. so many beautiful pieces, illuminated Qu'rans (a lovely lady even translated some for me), woven carpets, ruby and emerald encrusted daggers, intricately carved cenotaphs. loved it. i came away inspired to learn arabic and weaving.

amongst all this, i managed to start my tour de france knitalong project, the sea silk scarf. i managed one 16-row lace repeat with only one mistake (which i spotted quickly and fixed before i had to say ah non, je dois dechirer too many times). haven't taken a photo yet, will wait until i've done about 3 repeats of the first border pattern.

tonight i am settling in with my knitting, eating mulligatawny soup, watching the french thriller lemming on world movies, then tuning in to see the crazy bicycles cycling through various towns in kent, including the one where I was born (Gravesend). hurrah!

then i shall get around to doing all the serious things i have to do this week, such as composing my public service job application, buying a suitcase and putting things in it for trip to byron bay, and filling out my tax return.

word of the week


the word itself is not unusual, but its origin is interesting. It derives from the Old French word gargouille, which means throat.

1. A grotesque spout, representing some animal or human figure, projecting from the gutter of a building (esp. in Gothic architecture), in order to carry the rain-water clear of the walls.

1883 STEVENSON Silverado Sq. 81 A rusty iron chute on wooden legs came flying, like a monstrous gargoyle, across the parapet.

(definition courtesy of Oxford English Dictionary online)

and of course, some of the most spectacular examples can be found at notre dame de paris, where the gargoyles are used for both drain pipes and decoration.

Monday, July 02, 2007

more occult hilarity!

the world movies channel is showing the 1922 Danish documentary Haxan tomorrow night. it's some sort of avant-garde exploration of the history of witchcraft. looks superb.

also, this news story is quite mad. i feel sorry for the poor alleged "vampire peacock".

Sunday, July 01, 2007


reasons why the devil of the tour de france is my new hero:
  • he's completely mad
  • he's german
  • he sleeps in his car
  • he follows the tour de france around dressed in a devil costume accompanied by an oversized bicycle
what more needs to be said, really?


craft show haul: jitterbug sock yarn in popsicle colourway, touch yarns laceweight merino/mohair, and two pairs of addi lace needles.

new blog feature: word of the week. starting today. for the month of july the words will all be related in some way to things french, in honour of both bastille day and the tour de france knitalong.

this week's word:


[Generally supposed to be an alteration of F. haridelle an old jade of a horse (16th c. in Hatz.-Darm.); also, a gaunt ill-favoured woman (Littré); but connecting forms are not known.]

A haggard old woman; a vixen; ‘a decayed strumpet’ (J.): usually a term of vituperation.

a1700 B. E. Dict. Cant. Crew, Harridan, one that is half Whore, half Bawd. 1706 FARQUHAR Recruit. Officer V. vi, D'ye hear, d'ye hear, you plaguy harridan, how those bullets whistle! 1727 POPE Macer 24 And in four months a batter'd harridan. a1745 SWIFT Misc. Poems (1807) 57 The nymphs with whom you first began, Are each become a harridan. 1860 EMERSON Cond. Life, Consid. Wks. (Bohn) II. 426 This identical hussy was a tutelar spirit in one house, and a haridan in the other. 1865 Public Opinion 31 Dec. 714/1 The harpy and harridan of the establishment was punished.

(definition taken from Oxford English Dictionary online)

other examples of harridanical quotes? leave a comment!